Gastro Sense
a point of reference in gastronomy.
It is no secret that Madrid is a point of reference in gastronomy. At Barceló Torre de Madrid, we want to offer you the first bites of your stay in the city, so we can prove that Madrid is delicious in all respects.

Starting with a drink in our lobby bar to soak up the city's personality, followed by our dual restaurant that, like Madrid, has two facets: one restaurant by day and another by night. Two restaurants in the same space to show that our city is one and many at the same time.
Garra Bar
An avant-garde re-interpretation
of the symbol of Madrid.
Barceló Torre de Madrid receives locals and travelers, showing them its personality as soon as they enter: our lobby is presided over by a great bear that has become our hallmark: an avant-garde re-interpretation of the symbol of Madrid. In a hat, dressed as a zebra, unconventional by nature: our lobby bar, Garra, is inspired by this bear.

We are not a wild claw, but rather elegant and sophisticated; a glamourous scratch. Garra Bar is a city savage with a desire to consume the night, grab a drink and discover this different and unconventional Madrid.
Somos Restaurant
Somos, an ode to the city
from its inhabitants.
Madrid is a warm and very welcoming city that treats both guests and locals like its own. Because in our city and at Barceló Torre de Madrid, we are all Madrid locals. We identify with its streets, its neighborhoods, its avant-garde and chilled personality. Somos came about to create an ode to the city from its inhabitants, from its cuisine and flavors, so that on entering our space, everyone feel more like a Madrid local then ever. There's nothing else we can do: its what we are.

This is why Somos is a dual restaurant with a daytime personality and a nighttime personality. At lunchtime, you can enjoy the most traditional local dishes, the most customary ones being stews and playing a key role. At nighttime, the menu and ambience become more alternative and sophisticated, with a menu of wonderful dishes to share, nibble and snack on in a fusion of Spanish, Japanese and Peruvian cuisine.

Lunch: 1.00 p.m.- 4.00 p.m.
Dinner: 8.00 p.m.- 11.00 p.m.
A pioneering food project,
one of the best breakfasts in the city.
We are the first Barceló Hotel Group hotel to have the new BLikEat buffets: a pioneering food project that turns breakfasts at Barceló Torre de Madrid into the best in the city. A unique variety of organic and artisanal products, and a philosophy of enjoying the most delicious and healthy food.

A buffet like you've never seen before. Because our guests deserve unconventional experiences with each bite.