Paul and Caterina (Oteyza) Paul and Caterina (Oteyza)
Paul and Caterina (Oteyza) Paul and Caterina (Oteyza)
Paul and Caterina (Oteyza)
The most elegant locals
in the capital.

Paul and Caterina offer a renewed and authentic vision of tailoring, where material, imagination, craftsmanship and elegance come together to offer the maximum expression of tailor made garments with Oteyza Tailoring.


#1 Tailoring in its purest state

Enjoy the complete process of creating a tailored suit or dress, from the layout, to the cut, assembly and fitting.

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The team will bring to the hotel an exclusive sample of the collection for the guests, where they will in situ take note of their sizes.

A few days later, you can go through the tailoring boutique to see how the pattern is drawn on the chosen material, in the old fashioned way, for the later cut and would be sent wherever you choose.

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